by Saviour Machine



released October 1, 1994



all rights reserved
Track Name: Saviour Machine I
Come with me and soon prepare to pass
Through the beautiful gates of symbolic conviction
That challenged the reign
Stay with me, don't be afraid to believe
In man's infinite search for the truth in his world
And his right to portray the romantic face of legend and life

Take my hand; I have walked this way before
The essence of man is at war with the spirit
Yet knocking at its door
Don't let go in this imminent confusion
For tyranny's son will be threatened by one
Who would challenge their delusion
Look inward, at the secret world within
To bring the arrival of freedom and knowledge
The mind denies to give
Death and honor are thought to be the same;
The rebellious nature of man and society
Silent running in his game
No one will confess to this irreverent heresy,
As the witness is falling, someone is
Calling me closer to the dream

Sent to live and sent to testify
It is not found in life by adapting for form,
But by forming within us
Sent to give, empowered to impart the imperishable word
Unto all its sincere aspirants of truth

The time will come and so the band played on
To offer a prayer for the rising aware
That will soon touch the robe
And gaze at the stare of this Saviour Machine
Track Name: Enter the Idol
See the fire burn inside my eyes
See the liar turn inside my soul
Enter the Idol, Enter the Idol
Let me show you casualties unknown
Let me take your hand to dreams unshown
Enter the Idol, Enter the Idol

I've nothing to give, nothing to take,
I've no one to run to and no one to save,
I've no one to strengthen and no one to please,
I'd rather die standing than live on my knees
I refuse to believe I'm condemned to deceive
You will see for the truth in embodied in me

Enter the Horror, enter the saint, Enter the Idol
Enter the Idol, Enter the Idol

The peril surrounding resurgence of doubt,
The alienation is stranded about
The union of silence has sickened the day
A garden of verses will take me away, take me away

In circles of wisdom, distortion of rage
In grace and in bondage my world is a stage,
My instincts insane, my obsessions ordained,
My powers increasing in self-righteous vain
Every wolf suffers fleas, every prophet's diseased
Every legend convicted will fall to his knees

Enter the Horror, enter the saint, Enter the Idol
Enter the Idol, Enter the Idol
Track Name: The Hunger Circle
A cauldron of cults leads the ambush of thoughts in my mind,
Doctrines of demons that crawl in my eyes leave me dancing blind,
The passport of horrible manifestations and lies
Inducing eruptions, disfiguring plains in its silent cries

The lust in the void is desolate and needing,
The alienation is tenuous and breathing

Into the Hunger Circle a stranger awaits,
Inside the Hunger Circle the heretic reigns
Into the Hunger Circle, into the altered states,
The keeper of the killing streets
Will wake up screaming crisis in his game

The perilous tide from the ominous side of the lines
Is thriving, relentlessly transporting glassy-eyed warning signs
The kinds of malice is sheer mutilation of love
The epidemic of flesh and convulsion is sickened perversion above

A prayer for the dying, a kiss for the last
A tear for the crying, a hit for the cast

Into the Hunger Circle a stranger awaits,
Inside the Hunger Circle the heretic reigns
Into the Hunger Circle, into the altered states,
The keeper of the killing streets
Will wake up screaming crisis in his game

The bleeding oppression of millions of victims is done
The wealthiest nation on earth must provide for its waiting son
His arsenic is rising...
Come inside the genocide ride

Look what you've done to me,
Look what you've done to my world
Here comes the flood to release me,
Here comes the turn

Fighting the hunger circle, standing alone
Lighting the hunger circle, vision is shown
Dying, the hunger circle, die in the face of pain
The keeper of the killing streets is sleeping now,
And dreaming of my name
Track Name: Child in Silence
Child in Silence - I've seen the way
The tears run down your face
Child of violence - I know that you've been
Dying in this place
Child without mercy - they've haunted you with
Whispers in the dark
Child in exile - they violate and strain you
With their mark

Child - this silent seduction enrages me
Child - the fatal assassin's black eyes will bleed

Child in Silence, I know who you are
Child, you're lost and alone in the dark
Child, I know that you're hurting inside
Child, I've seen your affections denied
Child in turmoil, I know where you've been
Child in darkness, I've seen what you've seen
In the night, in this fear of letting go of the light
I hear you calling me home

Child, through oceans of time
I will crawl to be with you
Child, your truth is alive
In my eyes the healing arises

Child - no one shall covet your dreams tonight
Child - the tyrant shall cry in the streams of light

Child in Silence, I have seen your dreams
Child in darkness, I've heard when you scream in the night,
In this fear of letting go, in the light,
I'll be standing there to hold you
Track Name: Ascension of Heroes
I've heard the silence of the angels,
I've seen betrayed my faith in men
And their conditions of salvation
In which so blindly they defend

Touch the light that crawls from the page,
Ascension of Heroes - strengthen the saints
Ascension of Heroes - that call from the stage

The tyrant, he lives and dies by the sword,
He has painted his face and tainted the lord,
Into the arena, his faith is restored

The mortal storm of fear that wages
Their will To take away your names
Will keep the phantoms In their cages
And cast the children into the flames

Touch the light that crawls from the page,
Ascension of Heroes - strengthen the saints
Ascension of Heroes - that call from the stage

I've loved you with all my heart and my soul,
The conflict within is leading me home,
The ghost and the godsend are standing alone,
The birth of a new world awaits in your hands,
With only your hopes and your dreams may you stand

Ascension of heroes - are waiting command,
Ascension of heroes - awaiting the stand
Track Name: The Stand
Are you ready for the unveiling?
We have met the enemy and he is us
Breeding divisions within the body,
Distorting scripture, creating instability
And all oppressive forms of dissonance
There is disorder, its quarantine is necessary
When pale attempts to gather men result in confusion
For unity cannot be based on doctrine

The blinding light is paradoxical,
Symbolic of two spiritual lineages,
The ministry of life and resurrection,
The ministry of death and condemnation

The poltergeist moves ancient and established,
Reviving scenes of medieval inquisition;
Every desecration emphasized in psychic renaissance,
Reserving atmosphere for terminating thoughts
The priest is talking backwards painting sacrilegious pictures
In his doctrinal errors, emphasizing isolated scriptures
His intolerable anointing is inhuman interrogation
And its paranormal necromancy fees upon its nation
We will prostitute this offering with discipline and honor,
Evolving man to higher states for the age of Rationalism is over

To the uninitiated,
We will stalk the enemy and cross the line
Can you feel the signs? Cross the line
Are we still alive? Cross the line

To walk the sacred halls of truth
For whom the blood of angels cry,
To fill your servants cup with light,
For in his heart the spirits rise
Rise, rise…
To search and trace the scars of love and infinite betrayal
For those who face resistance are protected by the grail,
Break the silence, take the fear...
Rape the sorrow, wipe the tears
Rise, rise…

Drink the blood of the lamb,
Await the stand
Drink the blood of the lamb,
Await the stand

The spirit haunts the armies breathing life in this militia,
To bring complete reversal of authority and power
Into the eyes of God on highest, witnessing two worlds collide,
The blood is rising in the temple, naked and alive

The stage is set through all dimensions, denominations and rituals;
From evolution to revolution and indestructible force
Immune to righteousness based on law and civil disobedience
The people find the pale defendant guilty on all charges

The battlefield is cold and worn, receiving gifts of tyranny,
The revolution has arrived to turn his face around and see
It's covered with the blood of martyrs' innocent sedation,
With a kiss the child is lying slain upon the ground

The lamb will stay awake with me to watch the Revolution
And light the ground we stand upon, the powers of the night
Drawn between the darkness in the field of blind indifference
We count the corpses silently before the blood has dried

His peace is broken into a thousand scars revealed,
He puts on his bloody robe for the last time
His eyes, like mirrors, filled with murder,
I saw him falling in the streams,
Immersed in tears, crying for the others,
Fighting to receive possession of his will

Standing in the fire, he said unto me:
“If you don't reject this power it may destroy you"
For we have seen the great interval,
And we have lived to see the monster sleeping;
But some will say the monster was me
Some will say the monster was me

I will hold his ashes in my hands,
Dreaming out loud, moving in metaphors, dancing away…
Track Name: American Babylon
A thousand bloody hand prints stain the walls of liberty
A stranger hides in dreams denied, awaiting his release
I've seen this picture before
I never thought that we would end up here
When fascism comes as an angel of light
Its license parading as tyranny drives forth its son

The Son of Mourning dominating fears, afflicting fallen men
His body highly organized; it's coming into prominence
To bear its ominous warnings
It's in your blood to comprehend its origin,
For those who refuse to remember the past
Are condemned to repeat it,
The first and the last, dust to dust...

History is his story
And life is laughing at its peril

Building towers that come forth in men
Shifting powers consuming us within,
The will puzzle the apostles till the end

Enter into the silence, into the dying life of America
The brave, the slave, the grave

The shattered pigs dying as primitive savages,
Eating their flesh, they lie rotting in dirt
While a stranger among you has challenged the course
Of human existence and alien forces
The birth of the black prince is setting the stage
In its thriving dissension, exalting his rank
And the innocent man will fall victim to hands in the trial of truth
And its twisted reversal
The union of factions bleeds shock to the system,
For civilization has ended today,
The transitional nature of acts and society climbs in its place
While its face re-creates

Until your god is dead
Enlighten me with your pale statues, face of inhibition,
And until your reign has ended
Frighten me with your stale-taste-tongue of inquisition

In your eyes I will come forth in men
With no justice, no order to defend
And the stone will be cast again...

Enter into the fire, into the bloody gates of America
The great, the fate, the late
Track Name: Ceremony
You have the right to remain silent
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law
To strip away the myth from the man
Is only dealing with the symptoms in this critical condition
the disease is untouched

You saw what they did to me
Don't tell me to forget
Have you no sense of decency?
How can you justify arrest?

And now the charges are enraged
(Within this Ceremony)
Imprisoned with a kiss, betrayed
(Within this Ceremony)
The crucifixion of the faith
(Within this Ceremony)
For all the loved ones left unnamed
We fought to give them life,
We touched the very soul
In the ancient funeral, the Ceremony rites

His faith relentlessly attacked and discredited
When your enemy can find a way of twisting your motives
Believe he will
To be convicted without fatal charm's infection,
When the perfect light upon him was corrupted by void,
Self-righteously judged

To die in the line of duty, I am complete in its truth
If you have died to the world, what can the world do to you?

Into the darkness of the night
(Begins the Ceremony)
Into the shadow of a dream
(Begins the ceremony)
Announce the coming of the white prophet
(Begins the Ceremony)
And take this cup away from me,
And stand in the light the superstar beholds,
In the ancient funeral, the ceremony rites

We are conceived as the first circle
The Book of Knowledge surely tells,
We are all part of an unseen conflict
Within the world And within ourselves

And now we're closer to the light
(Release this Ceremony)
And now we must prepare the way
(Release this Ceremony)
Remove the ancient boundaries
(Release this Ceremony)
To give the Son of Man His day,
To roll away the stone and rise to the throne
In awaited resurrection, the Ceremony cries
Track Name: Love Never Dies
And the children shall lead the angels at play
In the fields of slaves
For man is the hunted, accused and forsaken
And slain by his own domain
The diamond's edge will cut the eyes
Of the paper mask in paradise
The fools of fortune paint their portraits
On carnal crimes and lonely lies

The tides of war that crash within,
To break the heart and lash the skin,
A man awaits the child inside,
To end his bloody reign in time

Love Never Dies - love never denies,
Love never lies - love desperately cries,
Unto the other side,
Unto the unborn child in your eyes

Walk by faith and walk by sight,
You're sanctified with blood and light,
In days of roses, nights sublime,
The prince of passion lives divine

Love Never Dies - love never denies,
Love never lies - love desperately cries,
Unto the other side,
Unto the unborn child in your eyes

I will rise in your eyes…
Track Name: Saviour Machine II
Lord, into your hands I commend my spirit
Alive to see legions of angels awaiting the sacred incarnation

Take me home to clean the bloody robe
Of the covenant sealed between heaven and earth,
I will come forth ascended in salvation

The book of life will free this rising son,
Resurrected in time, now the dream has arrived,
And this soul is alive, two worlds are baptized

Underneath these everlasting arms
The awaited messiah has risen to life
By the sword of the spirit in his eyes

Can't you see, their hearts crying with needs?
Release me to offer them freedom and peace
So profound in its nature above, above

Go and make disciples of all, one
Disciples of all, one
In the name of the Father, and of the Son
And of the Holy Spirit of love

The time has come, and so the band plays on,
Releasing his power and shouting in tears,
"It is finished; do you see
The light of Saviour inside this Machine?"